AI is amazing it means that a system can function on its own, it can collect, analyze and process information just like our brains. It has a “front lobe” in order to make decisions and it can definitely calculate probabilities way faster than we can.

Perhaps the only thing high-end AI systems are missing is creativity (or am I wrong)

Knowing a disaster is coming ahead of time, and the ability to predict it not only to save lives but also provide vital information in order to educate the population in the shortest amount of time and in the most cost-efficient way. Online!

Google was already working on such projects in 2010 creating the “Person Finder” after the earthquake in Haiti of 2010 where you could go online and either look for someone or provide information about someone. Through a pool of data, it is possible to track a missing person faster and reunite friends or families in times of a disaster.

As it continues, having a good system to forecast any potential event can be life-saving. Now imagine how many AI systems can help us save lives and prevent accidents on a daily basis. If we would have a personal AI box each our life would be, much different. perhaps a step further…

As I was growing up I was, in fact, missing that system, a perfectly well designed “Sirie” which knows not only to answer questions but to engage in an educational way. I will give you an example. Imagine a 13-year-old immigrant boy who goes to a new school not having sufficient information and a guidance by a system designed to enrich knowledge and boost confidence. The well equipped “Sirie” which is capable of laying out directly what it is that a 13-year-old would experience then it could also warn him of potential hazards and layout the probabilities and how about help with homework. Shall I say “every kid’s dream?”

As we are very far from this science fiction yet we are so close, An artificial intelligence system capable of enriching itself and growing in the process just like a human mind would yet faster. That’s the type of AI system that we need. A system connected to an endless pool of knowledge which can help kids grow into healthier adults and make this place even better.

As Google AI researchers keep searching for ideas and developing new systems you can also be a part of the team! You can actually apply with your idea on how to challenge social or environmental problem and come up with a solution.

I would try to apply and explain to Google that I just need a magic box, one which can calculate endless probabilities contains endless pull of knowledge and can guide me to become a successful individual in any field. It has to be a very smart box, a very powerful knowledgeable box just give it Wi-Fi!

It is definitely amazing how AI systems can first thing first save lives, but it will be no less interesting to see how AI systems will directly impact our lives. The sooner the better?

AI experiments are already being made and you don’t have to be an expert, however, do not be confused coding isn’t easy. In order to train a machine to follow up with you, the process is like teaching a kid who learns really fast.

“Sometimes I wish I would be born in a different circumstance or perhaps into a different life yet with the same DNA. This is because something inside tells me I am better than I actually am.”
– Eli Abbasov

AI 2342


Learning AI is something out of the blue. It is mind overloading as there is a lot of things to learn like TensorFlow or algorithm names which you weren’t familiar before or never heard in your life. It is ok as you are about to start a quest towards your next big AI idea.

As Google’s AI education platform keeps exploding with new knowledge you have all the power to get up to speed with the latest in AI or machine learnings. Browsing through the content on Google’s AI education page you can find experiments and information on how to get yourself educated. As this is the next big thing, self-learning or self-adapting intelligent machines.

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