Self-learning is difficult and if you are struggling with a slow performance website you are definitely not the only one. Fixing it on your own can take hours to learn but luckily there are plenty of tools out there online to chose from to inspect your site and make sure it is running up to speed.

If your site is, in fact, slow and you want to test it an perhaps improve its speed and shorten the content delivery time. You would typically use site analyzing platforms like GTMetrix, Pingdom etc.
So far Gtmetrix has been dominating the scene, it’s been long using this site for site speed analysis mostly. Today that same procedure is nearly impossible to non-registered users.

We’ve been trying to test one of our sponsor’s site. Here’s what happened:

gt meyrix wai time

As we are waiting for the speed test to load. So far so good it’s been a few minutes now, still 3.5 minutes to goas there are 407 jobs ahead of us.

Usually, we are unaware of what takes so long with the line ahead of us.

Once the wait is done.

gt meyrix wai time2

Some platforms may require users to register and still receive partial services free. But we went ahead and check out the pricing

gt meyrix wai time3

In the age of subscriptions, everything is well designed to get you on a plan and the freebie stuff is just there to get you on board. So far what is clear is that you must sign up to be a user. Without giving up your email you won’t get serviced here.

You can also create a plan to fit your demand. Get more insights and improve your analytical skills.

The good thing is, you can always go and search up other great websites to use for your convenience. Some of still maintain the good old “search for free” type of platform. Without getting you registered nor charging you for the service. Isn’t it amazing? The age of software subscriptions? A whole new economy right under our eyes.

“Prepare your pocket and your mind for more soft product subscriptions…” – Eli Abbasov

Self-learning can be excruciating for some and yet the age of subscriptions is simple, you either pay or sit patiently while learning for free. In the end, you have to decide which product is going to bring you the most desired outcome. Just like shopping.

Yet we have seen many entrepreneurs invest in software type products all the time. As the yearly bills pile up they end up nearly breaking even.

To capture this trend we will bring further insight into other similar products and how they affect us.


Comment below if you wish to add anything to this…

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