It is time to go about the roundabout rules again because we all had enough of the continuous roundabout stupidities. Spread the word. Like and share.

The most dangerous roundabout in Kitchener-Waterloo as of 2018 is the Ottawa/Homer Watson intersection.

Roundabout rules are pretty simple, yet!
When traveling with speed, distractions and other motorists those same simple rules become difficult to remember at each moment of the roundabout passage.

Here’s a few important points to remember:

  1. Plan Lane Ahead
    Whether you need to go straight, left, or right you need to plan your roundabout pass. A few seconds before approaching the roundabout pay close attention to road lanes and adjust yourself before entering the roundabout. This could help avoid an accident and could potentially save your life.
  2. Merge Lanes Ahead Of Entry:
    Merge Into Intended Lane Before Entry
    Your destination is the key in this step, and in this step I ask “where are you heading?”
    The answer is: teach yourself to plan ahead once seen the roundabout warning sign. Next time when noticing a roundabout warning sign, begin signal and merge into intended lane whether left or right.
  3. Signal Ahead and Upon Exit:
    Signal Right When Continuing Straight.
    Many tend to forget that we have to signal right upon exiting the roundabout when continuing straight.
    In order to remind pedestrians and approaching motorists on your intention to cross straight on exiting the roundabout, signal right.
    Many unnecessary accidents could be prevented if we would be better at remembering and reminding others, a signal is a good method.
    Literally no one does it and for a moment I felt that I am oversignaling.
  4. Exit Using The Same Lane you Entered
    When approaching the most dangerous roundabout in Kitchener. You would expect to exit the same lane which you entered the round about with. Only then you can switch lanes.
  5. Yield to pedestrians and vehicles.
    When approaching a roundabout, remember that the cars inside the roundabout have a way to go.
    Yielding in a roundabout is the most crucial rule, first you yield to pedestrians as they approach the crossing. Most of the times they don’t even look so prepare to stop! The road belongs to everyone!


Ottawa Homer Watson Roundabout


Refrain from – “BREAKING THE TRAFFIC“!
Many times I find pedestrians blindly strolling through the crossings without paying attention to upcoming traffic and having a proper eye signal.
By “Breaking Traffic” you are risking your own safety and every other car in the roundabout.
Learn to maintain contact before crossing!

Having driving experience in few places around the world I have found Canada to be a bit like an open software when it comes to driving. As you drive general rules apply,  however the drivers face many difficult split second decisions. Some are not properly trained and road ready. Their spidy senses are unable to respond fast enough and avoid a collision. There is a method to improve that. Racing Games. Not the ones on your phone, the ones with an actual Logitech force feedback PC steering wheel. I believe if you beat a few rounds of Need For Speed Most Wanted you will sharpen your driving senses. True story.

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