$100 Million Dollar Story:

One cold January/February night, an ignition was needed to be repaired. Not just any ignition but the most infamous ignition in the world. The honda ignition, which usually won’t ignite in -15° ☃️ or below temperatures.
There I was staring at the problem. Trying to figure out how to ignite this spark again.
I admit I wasn’t 100% ready for this one as I was entering the #automotive scene. Yet, #ealocksmith is not new to mechanics and sparking things oooo that’s what I like most ⚡

so 4 hours later the ignition was out. Why 4 hours you ask? Well, it’s called approach with full care and precision. This is how you handle a machine. If you handled a 70 million dollar machine you understand what it means. 😉
But this was not a 70 million dollar ignition. Maybe $100 bucks online. The spark definitely worked. It is very different the way we discover secrets in values. 
If you handle things given to you like they are 100 million dollars. This is the happiness in life. This is the only thing that can defeat money. Purpose.

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