The story is similar but it’s told in many different ways. Dental phobia is always around and often this subject gets neglected.

Then your smile, your smile becomes neglected as well. We should be aware of the implications due to inability to smile and feel comfortably around other people. This has serious implications on our overall health and feeling of self confidence.


The Pain

We need to understand that pain is essential to us as humans and it is essential to our wellbeing. As there is bad pain, there is also a good type of pain. Pain which pays off in the long run. Pain that is there to make us better and stronger.

Often when receiving the needle before the dental treatment I would shiver since I have post traumatic experience. For many of us it could feel similar and there are ways to deal with it.


Focus On The Purpose

People sacrifice their lives for a purpose or at least they used to. These days when going to the dentist your purpose is your own well being. If you have neglected your dental health it is a sign that you do not recognize and acknoledge the purpose of it.



It will happen. Eventually your teeth will fall apart and the rotting smell will disgust you and if you are an average person you will be devastated. You won’t be able to consume sugar and other foods you like because your nervs are open and the excruciating pain that comes with it. You must know there is a heavy price to pay if you don’t treat your dental phobia. You won’t smile and you will constantly be bothered by your own teeth.



Many lessons are learned through the eyes of others. But sometimes some lessons aren’t clear.

I used to watch how one of my classmates would clean his teeth with dental products every night before sleep. I never realized why does he spends so much time on his teeth. Then 10 years later. I do.

Cleaning your teeth up to perfection will prevent deterioration and will keep it bacteria free most of the day. It is crucial to our health to keep your teeth looking good.



As sugar is an effective source of energy and it will be hard without it. Stick to healthier sugar choices and natural sugars and obviously floss right after consuming sugar or anything else to clear the bacteria.

Stick to limited consumption, just enough to get you by. The less sugar will land on your tooth the less you will visit your dentist.



Looking at labels you can determine the % of sugar in a product. If the product weighs 100g and sugars is 33g then that’s 30% of sugar and that is often the case in typical sweets. Some products carry up to 50% of sugar and are extremely unhealthy. Stick to healthier choices  for your teeth.



Imagine the tooth pain coming back out of the blue while youre at work or working an important project. You wont be able to focus, function, perform or anything but focus on the pain. Well my advice here is focus on pain free future. As you are terrified in your dental chair about to receive a needle focus on all those times you were suffering because of you teeth.

If you didn’t suffer enough let me fix it for you. Better suffer the dentist’s chair than the consequence of neglect.


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