Anyone is gifted, many people carry unrealized potential. You are the one who is reading these lines know the answers. Simply because a search engine is able to find them for you at any given moment.

The way I see it you are a god, you are the composer of your symphony. You can become what you dream if only a thought and an action away.

Religion is our way of explaining the world and it used to be my only explanation until I discovered scientific facts. Bound by our natural limitations all we need is self-sustained and prospering evolving society.


Christmas is not about religion anymore for me as much as the Rosh-Hashana which doesn’t feel like a new year to me but another Jewish holiday. Religion really died down since the discovery of self. The discovery of neurons, the mind, and evolution of the mind.

I still believe that there is something greater than ourselves out there and much more intelligent than us. Something we can’t perhaps understand.


Whether you are religious or not, I definitely recommend those top 5 gift ideas:

#1 Outdoor

12 Patterns Christmas Laser Snowflake Projector


#2 Our Future Baby&Kids

2018 Hot Baby Newborn Photography Props


#3 Jogging Style For Her

Women’s Workout Leggings


#4 Ice Cold For Him

Reusable Stainless Steel Chilling Cube Stones Pack of 8


#5 Easy Gift Pick’s

Aromatherapy Diffuser – Mist Humidifier


After all the best way to express gratitude or respect or just the privilege of giving. Often is the best feeling! This holiday, give a little more to those who matter most to you.


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