Many cars and many more situations involving cars, the auto industry is moving fast and many new cars rely on proximity remotes and less on conventional ignition cylinder. Many benefits of electronic ignition starters when comes to wear and tear.

However, the typical cylinder key ignitions are still out there and common among many cars.

Honda uses the high-security type of key cutting system where the cuts are carved inside the key blade. You may not realize it but you are practically using a double key because the cuts are opposite on the same side of the key.

In times when you find yourself needing a spare key or needing a duplicate for your high-security key, you require a locksmith in Guelph. Looking for one is also a challenge since not every locksmith in Guelph is skilled with fixing Honda ignitions.

Honda ignition fixing requires patience and persistence on top of all aligning the pins correctly to prevent repetitive wear is really the secret.

Honda ignition key

In cases of a key lockout in Guelph, you require a locksmith in Guelph which is able to extract your key without damaging the ignition and or the key. In addition, he would also require a computer high-security code machine to perform the task.

The programming is relatively easy yet in some cars special equipment required. Upon arrival, the technician is able to connect to your vehicle and configure the programming procedure.

The FCC Id of the remote must be similar to the cars receptor frequency. If the FCC number is not the same the remote will not function.

Many Honda vehicles require Transponder Chip Key in order to be able to start the vehicle, in fact, many Honda cars require what’s called  V-chip key which works on most Honda makes.

Lastly, the best case scenario when you find yourself in a lockout situation and you happen to be in Guelph. Call one of the local Guelph locksmiths and check who preforms Honda ignition repairs on site and upon speaking to one of them you can ask all those questions that we were specifying here.

As automotive locksmith is a developing trade there would be many challenges and changes in the automotive industry which will shape future professions related to transportation. Transportation as one of the biggest industries in Canada is growing and we are growing with it.


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