Good evening, by now you may have seen EA Locksmith around town and wondered what it is to be the different the outstanding and maybe a little bit creative in this tough economy of Waterloo ON Canada 2018.

People ask what is it that so problematic with starting a business these days. The answer is trust and recognition. You cannot have people trust your brand so easily without judgement or opinion, it is a long process and requires survival through time.

Recently when standing in the line to Jumbo Dragon to get me some Chinese food I realized that the resilience of this business is what succeeded. Sure they went through some tough times but their determination and good taste left them hanging around and surviving long enough to meet success. To succeed you have to be ready and to be ready you have to break a sweat as many times as possible.

On that note, I get back to trust through recognition. Recognizing the brand visually and recognizing with it is a whole different perception. For example suddenly I can see EA Locksmith pass by me on the high way as I’m driving and I can actually recognize it from the night I got locked out and got help and then you feel recognized with the brand. That’s the ultimate goal, in fact, I spend most of my day trying to recognize with customers to recognize with the brand.

Promoting EA Locksmith for its reliability and friendly service is what I do on a daily.

There is a dream, that this brand might help me discover ways to improve our lives overall, although for now, I am stuck on service call waiting for the next lockout. It is like being in a military, the military of kindness per pay.

Call me unprofessional, once I double the charges and hire employees then we can talk professionally. Until then it is a local family business so don’t take it personally.

What is most important is that you need a quick and awesome locksmith service, just like last night on Good Friday. Had awesome customers, who actually were thankful for receiving a service in such circumstance. While others would simply try to shake me off or throw me off by simply knowing that I am the owner and somehow see it as a sign of incompetence. It is interesting what type of people I get to face.

Here is what I remember, while biking in the snow to work and refusing to take the bus while the temperature outside is -15 Celsius and it is slippery as hell. I remember refusing to give up, just like none of you does. There is no stopping to this, there is only making it better. So don’t be bitter, be better.

On that same note, I would like to move on to the installation abilities. Like commercial door knobs or levers which you need for your business. You might require new exit devices installed. EA Locksmith Waterloo caries variety of hardware available to install and key-alike. Simply contact to get an estimate on the cost and remember one thing, be professional, because when asking for an estimate you should go and check the meaning of the word estimate. Plain English Eh…


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