Canada and Waterloo region as one of it’s fastest growing cities is generally picking up speed, as immigration levels increase to near 20% each year the regional government has definitely prepared a brand new looking train for us to ride on.  However. We will need employment and investment and new businesses which last more than 2-3 years. We all end up swimming in the same pool of opportunity, eventually, we are drained of opportunity if no new opportunities have been created and this is exactly why Trudeau needs a strong card during his NAFTA meeting this week. You do want to notice the site of NAFTA is quite empty and present errors almost on every page.


Depending on the programs which will be proposed or withdrawn from the table one of them is the E-2 program which is designed for traders and investors seeking business in the US. Canada has a few more cards, everyone needs the borders to stay open and running properly, therefore, nothing really is going to change. In addition, Canada is looking much further in terms of partnerships than the US as far as trade agreements go, as our world shifts to a completely digital age the tables also turn and cooperating with tech healthy countries would do good to Waterloo region as population, growth, and infrastructure improve it’s up to us to sustain the economy and develop new business, from nothing.

“It’s all media panic” as it seems according to multiple moderate newspapers. However, the fear of losing investment visa abilities in the US and policy changing in the trade agreement might be a possible outcome. Who do we believe? The media or to the politicians? A little bit of both, who else to believe when we are left to conclude the reality ourselves. No one really knows nothing, all speculation. My opinion is that our next prime minister should be a family man who is a scientist. Then, things will start making sense.

The need for a better agreement however and more transparency is what the people really need, we cannot rely on terms slogans and complicated policies which frankly the average person on the street has no idea. The future of our kids is only better when we are able to tackle the most important subject. Cyber Security.

Our trade sector has become more progressive and today it’s quite possible to purchase almost anything online and sell it locally. As the energy sector in Canada is going to receive a potential slash back due to Trump’s domestic policies to increase the output of US oil, natural gas, and coal. Now as we remain disadvantaged to some extent Canada remains strong with its population to figure out the mess. As trade deals and agreements might start shifting, the government might need to start cleaning up its own economic mess and the small businesses will definitely pay a price including our tax returns and also on the gas pumps.

Now to cyber, we need to educate our public and this might create a new economy, there is an enormous amount of talent which is generated locally and can be put to work through relevant programs.

Waterloo region, particularly as a growing region can benefit from booming industries such as AI and the cyber industry however we are too slow.

The biggest problem today is that there is a lot of us and a lot of our talent here in Canada gets temporarily wasted. Only, to create a new product which is powered by our exact same talented people as the underdogs. Hopefully, Canada will be that underdog showing off to its neighbors! It just takes us longer to get there unless we absorb realities faster and implement changes. But that’s just my opinion.

Canada.cyber.Waterloo.Kitchener.2018 pic

Canada has yet to be able to really develop the proper enforcement mechanism against cyber attacks on small businesses and we fail to notice that small business is the backbone of the new era of our economy as 2020 approaches.

The question is how do we develop a successful platform which eliminates exploitation in the cyber world should be Canada’s focus as well as other cybersecurity concerns, doing business with countries on cyber matters and expanding resources and providing more education is necessary for the new age generation to sustain potential damages in the future.

We can’t run from evil or another “table turn” situation, but we can definitely prepare or defend against it. I won’t criticise Mr. Trudeau and his policies at this point, every one of us should have some sense of support to our leaders.

However, I will advise him to pay attention. As our neighbors slice their cake; we north of the border gotta bake ours. (Not to mention turning your back on the most powerful cybersecurity country in the world. Although forgiven.)

This policy of “my interest first” is a dangerous and damaging policy. We can expand horizons differently by looking into emerging sectors. Trump is a good visionary but for his own good, we have to become more visionary and look into those “demand generating” sectors.

The cherry on top is the Canadian Cyber Security Guide!

Good Weekend!

{This post is also a part of the opinion blogs section and does not intend to offend or harm any entity or person/reader who chooses to read it. All information in this post is an opinion only}


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