I think everyone has forgotten how real music sounds like. I think everyone has forgotten how good words sound like. I think everyone has forgotten how perfection looks like. How effort looks like. We are all focused on what? Money!
It’s all about what you put out and no one cares what you put in. Everything is labeled and hidden behinds strong words and titles. You could be witnessing a rip-off but would never be able to explain it in words or even defend yourself as your account plunges into the minus bar. Sometimes I spot very interesting trends and all I can express in words is…. What?!@?#? Now, this?##>! It is not if you fall, it is how you fall and how you handle it when you do to get back up again. In our era of “Trumpism”, it seems that anyone can be the next big thing really. Is this influence is considered as harmful?

The world never stopped changing, we never stop until we leave. You can change you can become the best trader there is if you only read the right information, but in a world of deception lies the trap; our world is full of distractions attention grabbers and deceptions. It’s just everywhere including our global economy. You do what you must to survive as they say, well surviving is a kind word comparing to the surviving process to of tech giants today the so-called “survivors”  but let’s get back to the point.

The year is 2018 and the new-old product is “Online Trading” and “Making Money Online” is finally possible and the new era is upon us! But, not all channels are good for you or better say you might fit specific channels better rather than others. You have to pick your product.
{Every good trader, I had in my portfolio knew to focus on a few specific good bunch of products to invest in-to learn the instability and risk factors of those products which he was choosing to buy or sell and then take action.}

My first thought was Who to pick? Well, I went ahead and checked as a beginner after years of isolation from the financial market except for local news. Things are not so different except lots of new products and mega companies competing for your money providing you with a demo account to practice and guess what it always works in your favor, hey maybe it’s beginners luck who knows! Demo practice with your money is as good as playing blackjack on your facebook app. One note about that is that your casino habits might follow you everywhere so don’t mix the two.

Opening a demo account with almost any online trading platform takes less than a minute and we are quickly inside the trader platform, once in we can pick a pair or an asset and place a trade with the demo money we are out on our first test trade.

I decided to pick a pair: First, since I was into currencies I picked a standard but very “painful” pair. EURO VS. Dollar {Merkel Vs. Trump} I didn’t really focus on the headlines I am just using basic tech analysis for dummies which anyone these days starts with. I chose to sell the pair since I saw a potential short-term cross. Solid 40 pip loss and 40 pip profit was put on, in addition, to protect my account as one cab driver once said {Always Put A Stop Loss!}

This was December 5th:


This is December 6th: {Next Day}


I am very close to take 40 pip here but it seems that the US dollar and the west might not be doing so well today. Now comes the part where you are tempted to do research and re-strategize but some say {DON’T TOUCH IT} focus perhaps on something else.

I decided to pick another pair the day before and see if the EUR might do differently in other areas so I bought a cross currency called EUR/CAD I used to have lots of fun with it and see good trades happen with this pair so I checked it and it looked interesting:


When looking at the EUR/CAD pair there was lots of movement and it’s attractive to some traders. I saw a potential buy and entered at approximately 1.49958 with a 40 pip stop loss and same 40 pip take profit.

Next Day: Since it’s a demo account my EUR/CAD trade was gone, but here is what I could figure:


Basically, it was heading short (sell) just to knock off the stop losses which were below the support point price and then, of course, the good news comes out:


The calendar showed better than expected results from Germany which might have encouraged some EUR gains but that’s not all; there are many other factors which impact a currency move. Anything that is big enough to drive it’s valued price up or down.

In the end, I have made the right move to buy (ask) the Euro against the Canadian but my stop loss was too small I needed a better strategy but hey! That’s how we learn, by losing sometimes and losing in this market can be very costly. If you look at the EUR/CAD today, for example, it is at 1.5290 and it tells me only one thing and it is a bigger stop loss! If I would put an 80 pip stop to give more room to the market moves I would have been still in the buy over 2% deep in profit which is 290 pips. Now, these methods are primitive however there is nothing like a classically calculated plan of action with a slight chance of mistake perfected over time. Be it an automated software or your brain both have a fair shot.

Before we end this part just to recap on the EUR/USD the result was somewhat satisfying:


If I would perhaps engage in a different strategy of keeping the stop loss only without a “take profit” or a “limit” I would actually be losing today because I didn’t lock my profit and today the EUR/USD is trading at 1.2400. I managed to grab a few pips just before the big jump before the pair started gaining price.
There is always a bigger picture, I know it you know it. Look at 4-hour charts versus daily charts never rely on just one observation.

This is the torture of trading! Realizing the “miss” and what could have been done differently.

The so-called volatile cross currencies are more risky movers, you can read more about crosses on Investopedia or on sites like Babypips which are very informative but beware! All those information sites offer you paid education, my tip is: it will never end! Learn the basics then you can afford to spend money on advanced courses. {We have to crawl before we walk}

You can use Youtube to gain knowledge regarding the online trading market I will list a few helpful keywords to use to start absorbing the material. The first trade I took was actually just looking at charts without reading or digging further.

Now, casino loss is perhaps a couple of a hundred dollars {At least in our case I mean if you are a gambler why are you spending time reading my nonsense; go gamble!} In online trading, I heard cases of customers who lost houses or even lost all they have due to their addiction to the online trading machine. This is a dangerous game and the rush is only as large as your pocket. Have a thousand bucks you saved? You will worry about every dollar! Got 10,000 to spare from your savings? Awesome!
Now, let’s say you dropped a thousand dollars would that concern you? If yes, then put your 10,000 as a down payment for a more solid type of property.
Why is that? Simply because 10,000 dollars is a decent sum to start but you expect to make 100,000 with your pocket money over a week; am I wrong? Yes maybe to some, but you have expectations and your wish is to fulfill them as fast as possible and then the rush automatically elevates itself to another level. Due to that volatility of rush levels which your mind can experience during trading, you become more vulnerable as you progress and controlling those emotions and responses which your brain is tempting you with and focusing on the true facts is crucial to your survival in the online trading game.

The system is problematic.  If you are an average person like me, first come the bills then come general expenses then come the taxes. As the orchestra plays you are the one who feels like you are being taken advantage of and as if someone is riding on your back. Well, welcome to the club as they say.

As you sit there, you understand that it just follows it never reduces it just grows, accumulates, develops and so on. So, if everything is so predictable how can we avoid the obvious. I did mention our universe is expanding as we speak so it’s just the way of nature. Your only solution is time, how much time you put into your trades? How much time do you spend reading before you make your decisions and what is your state of mind at the time of making that decision considering the nature of your daily environment? It’s a subject I would consider investigating further before becoming an investor in general.

One of my colleagues made a laugh about me one day saying “What? You didn’t read about it?” I asked him where he gets his information and even that was a secret and as far as locksmith goes we can all be quite good at unlocking secrets.

Getting information is something to be focused on when trading online, where you get that information is the key to how you actually perform. Unfortunately, we are all limited in resources and our human nature prevents us from adopting the “sharing-caring” attitude so quickly. Therefore we are left to go and pay to real professionals to guide our decision making and hope that we pick a good guide.

The online trading industry is full of companies who provide signals and pips to newbies and about that will be mentioned in the next posts. Today, however, I will mention that good source of custom generated trading strategies and ideas provided by third-party sites and often managed by subscription might be a good idea. By typing a few keywords like “trading-ideas” or “trading-tips” or “financial-trading-strategies” you can discover many topics of conversation about signals and tips. Another good keyword to use is “Alerts” or “signals” which will lead you to all those companies who provide live news and alerts. We will talk about that in the upcoming posts.

Making more time for research before placing a trade is essential to trading as well as for self-development; setting priorities right is what guides you through your timeline. Same as the financial market, it’s a system it has no feelings and gamblers tend to theorize less and practice more. Practice for real is expensive since the market has no feelings. Yet the point is, spend more time focusing on what interests you. Only to be disrupted by “You can’t be really interested in something without becoming a little bit good at it.”

When you are new in something, you often will meet challenges and no one will really help except those who can see something in you and those are the people you keep in your circle. Because they are a part of your circle as much as you are a part of theirs.

It’s 2018 and there are many new entrepreneurs, online traders, online money makers, and idea-makers call them the “dreamers” and in this new “Trump” era you can be anything. Literally! The only question is, how many people you share your beliefs and discoveries with and how many of those people are actually supporting you?


“It’s us, the people, who make this place what it is.” – Eli Abbasov

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{Disclamer: This post is an opinion post and all of the content in this post and the general site content is for peaceful purposes and intended no harm to any entity or a reader. This content is in no way a recommendation or investment advice. This content is for reading only and it is for non-commercial purposes.}

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