Hello, my name is Eli, you probably heard about me here and there. I am usually the type who will open the door to a Jehova’s witness and hear what he has to say. We do this if we are tolerant enough of other peoples opinions. I am also usually the type who will give my take on the matter if the other side is open to a different observation point; what is certain is that I won’t shut the door in their faces just because I am too intolerant about their beliefs. So I wonder, what is the distance between tolerance and peace; how close or far apart or close they have to be to make an impact on your view of the world.


Is the ability to accept another view as a possible yet still disagree with it. Is the ability to look the intolerant in the eye and admit your tolerance towards him. Canada is known to be big on the subject of tolerance and this is a very pivotal point simply because if we tolerant everything even the intolerant, then who we have become?…. Oh, do not ask me, ask yourself.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell


Readiness to attack, and why? Because someone has done something bad to you? When trying to put myself in someone’s shoes I remember myself having the same feelings of anger. Some claim anger as healthy to an extent, I claim anger is destructive. Provoking anger is destructive as well as fueling the aggression instead of defusing it. Aggression doesn’t even have to be physical hostility can be felt from far away and nothing beats the famous road rage aggression. The question remains then, how many of our daily instinctual responses are aggressive and how many are expressed in a tolerant manner. You do the math.

There is something about peace that doesn’t need a title or a headline, the ability of the human mind to develop new worldviews and opinions; upon acceptance of other intelligent entity views and opinions. This is something very natural to us these days and it’s a great start. There is something about the level of aggression and tolerance that can really impact on how we perceive the world. If you ask me something about a subject which makes me angry you will receive a more aggressive version of the possible list of answers. In other cases, if my level of tolerance is high at that time then I will provide a more objective answer. To achieve peace we have to pull anger or aggression out of the equation and think factual.



There are those who claim that when diplomacy fails lives should be taken, maybe they need practice. The tolerant era believes that lives shouldn’t be taken when trying to prove a standpoint. The famous say about jealousy which is the destructive force in our instinctual system is that it is literally the cause of destruction in the world. Some compare jealousy to healthy competition, claiming a little jealousy is a good fuel well if this is correct then your daily jealousy allowance is 2 seconds per peak? It’s when that kid you hated in school is driving a brand new Porsche, get me point? Hating is bad, being unique in your own ways is better.

Living in peace can be relevant anywhere. Living in peace with your neighbors or living in peace with your competitors. Peace doesn’t always exist in all aspects of life, we are talking about peace as a state of being not caring about typical threats that linger outside. Peace is disturbed when someone is intentionally harming you even from the outside, through any possible channel reaching to you and disturbing your peace with negativity. You think you yourself haven’t done it? Somewhere we have all done it even in the smallest ways we are all guilty, no matter how clean you are anyone comes with its flaws.

We should be looking at how we go about our daily, reconsider our angry words, redesign our bad intentions. Kill the jealousy within 2 seconds of it’s peak time. Because there is nothing to be jealous of in this world, science always knew that everything is within reach of the mind and there is only something to be inspired by or simply stay away. Causing any harm creates a butterfly effect, and it creates it in the mind of the harmer.


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