Every day we wake up to the same reality with new entities. We are living in one consciousness experiencing it differently. Our minds prosses what they see and how we understand what we see? We evaluate the picture and analyze our experience based on facts known to us previously. One’s ability to change its own mindset when given different facts can be a sign of good intelligence.
One thing interesting about intelligence is it can be transferred through meditative teaching. It doesn’t mean sitting in a classroom trying to comprehend the new subject which you are just about to learn, it means speaking to a teacher while learning the subject through his stories, examples, and facts. Have you ever sat with a genius Rabbi in the same room with you while people are just throwing mindblowing questions at him? Through those answers, you would understand the meaning of meditated teaching. The meaning of one transferring intelligence onto another. This way you are not just transferring a subject, you are literally transferring bits of intelligence from one brain to another.

But our growing intelligence has nothing t do with what I am about to express here, except that one’s mindset cannot be changed if you turn only to one source of information simply because your facts are limited. Anything you have heard or read or seen in your life can change in an instant given the correct fact. Scary isn’t it, whatever you believed in can be wiped out of your logic system in a few words. You have the free will to refuse such Disturbia and build a new bridge in your thought processing to justify your worldview. We can all do that, we can have many views the question is

How many of our worldviews and perceptions are actually based on real facts and how many of those are just fictions?

The media of today has become quite interesting, giving you the “facts” and leaving you wanting more. Trump as the star of the day described by the media especially CNN that he is making a fool out of himself in any way possible. Monday – Trump, Tuesday – Trump and same goes for the rest of the week on CNN painting the Amercian businessman as the worst president ever. Before election CNN didn’t think he was going to win, I was watching it. No one thought so except those who knew the system, those who knew that these candidates only attract a certain crowd of people. It’s funny if you notice Dave Chappelle said in his comedy show that he knew who is going to win. Simply by looking at the voters which show up to poles. We can ask ourselves the same question {did we actually vote in our recent elections?} some of you will say you did but some of you didn’t!

Chappelle said that he basically was left with no choice and we often make stupid decisions while being in these type of situations. But, did they? Was it stupid to trust Trump? After digging a little information about Hillary’s organization it seems that people somewhat never trusted Hilary and as an opinion, she is not the best possible candidate for the job. One wrong decision and people can die, death generates anger for two or three more generations and the world didn’t move a meter because we are going to have hate. So, no thank you, Hillary, we need someone wiser who understands how to make the money moves! He made some moves I tell you that. No one can be as numb to politics as Trump simply by not caring about the political terms and focusing on the problem itself. Here is something you might have not considered, the guy doesn’t even understand fully the political terminologies and strategies. He thinks differently, he thinks business, investment, foreign business which by the way drives local business too. If you are saying that buying foreign is bad for the economy you may reconsider.

One market opens up yet another market and Trump knows these things well. In today’s world, we don’t have to bring all the jobs back to America, we can do something that Israel did we can just bring the money. In its early stages Israel attracted many investors overtime those investors saw the potential what later became a booming economy surviving through time, the country literally created its economy from foreign money which then turns into local money. If you notice, in Israel the currency exchanges are everywhere simply because there’s some much foreign money. People buy abroad as well as locally, they have those two factors combined. More import into the country generates local business growth and opens up more jobs. If manufacturing is slow other local businesses are not affected as the country engaged in many fields of business and the foreign money is converted into local money through business growth.

This is basically what Trump was aiming for, bring that foreign money generates growth with it and stop being a hater. But, he is conservative and tough on immigration policies which make sense but not to everybody so does appear to be paranoid on immigration. In his favor, some can argue that setting up a security wall along the US-Mexico border will create a proper vacuum between the two countries. I guess he learned somewhere that the wall in certain places along the border could prevent unwanted penetrations. He believes it can strengthen the security, liberals are against but more interested and focused on those who have been living there for some time. Those immigrants who are waiting for their status could be simply shipped home and tear apart from their families. Horrific. Last time I checked Trump doesn’t aim for that while the opposition simply corners him out and if he backs down he is toast and he knows it. So, he must get his wall before he signed on DAKA.

This is somewhat boring to some but lives of people depend on it, as well as the future lives of people who will depend on Trump and the wall to be able to resolve penetration problems once and for all. There is a place in the world where a wall did save lives no matter if you are in favor or against a certain entity when lives are being spared it should be our default worldview.

To be honest, watching Trump talking politics is basically very funny because he simply enjoys the show while getting what he wants and it will be interesting to watch as he is either getting it or crashes to the ground. I say he will do just fine. We all had a good laugh we all good at judging but are we good enough at understanding the situation and form a better opinion over time. Making enough legitimate observations before applying judgment and making a point, some of us need more reassurance and we are always looking for it.

The book! Fire and Fury. The rumor is that it’s really just a book, a fun read a good show. But overall if Trump is taken to a mental health test to determine his mental ability to deal with problems he should come back with slightly below average results but not crazy. By saying below average {I mean the guy is somewhat happy or something} maybe the guy is just happy and says what he wants. By now we all have our own opinions but none of them can be based on a book which supposes to entertain people.

All in all the views and the opinions in this post do not reflect the opinions of its authors and do not intend to cause emotional harm to any entity or a reader. This post was written as part of a social read made for ealocksmith.org in order to understand US politics better which apparently has a large impact on many economies, close and far. This post is a reflection of a broken picture by the mainstream “Fake Media” by saying that one can also acknowledge that not all media is fake when checking certain facts you can compare reports and get to the bottom of things and your opinion and what you are saying has a very large impact on those surrounding you. Call it the “butterfly effect”.

Standing for diversity and vision of peace. We believe that this is the US we want to see.

{Message to Trump: Hello Mr. Trump a few questions, well only one question – why didn’t you kick out the nosy author? If it quacks like a duck, it’s a sitting duck. Unless you had other plans for him? That’s all…}


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