Got stuck? Locked out? Lost your car keys? Many scenarios out there to be needing a locksmith for. How about a jammed ignition or broken key extraction, damaged remote fob or a flat tire, oops flat tire you can call BBT – Becker Bros Towing (rescued us many times!)

Whenever you need an automotive locksmith in Guelph we are the first stop for your ignition keys and repairs! Making sure we carry your type of car remote or key is important before proceeding and we make sure you get the price and the service you need.

Repair on-site honestly if the part can be repaired and we are able to get it done on-site then it’s great, however not always a repair can be possible and parts need to be replaced. We replace if recommended otherwise we are usually focusing on repairing your problem and make your day much easier and potentially cheaper! Fair service at a fair price. Affordable, reliable and effective on site for your locksmith needs in Guelph! Honesty is the key!

Honest service, we are open with our customers. We do not engage in arguments and sales tactics, after all, we focus on being available for you in order to help you when the worst happens and your day is in a limbo. We understand you have a budget and as a business, we do too, so in order to cooperate we must find the common line and if we can’t it’s not an issue. It happens occasionally that a customer cannot pay for the service, but we won’t put pressure on our customer to pay for a service he didn’t receive. Even cancellation fees in some cases are waived but do remember when calling a locksmith in Guelph make sure you can pay for the service.

Word form the CEO: Often a regular lock change flips into an eviction situation, therefore we do not engage in arguments and strickly request to evict any unhappy tenants before we change the locks. In addition, I personally recommend having a legal document authorizing to take possession or ownership which allows emergency access is also an advantage. Obviously, I am not a legal advisor to make recommendations, you can simply contact Guelph police and they will advise you on the proper procedure. It’s important to mention.


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