Cheap Locksmith!

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Did anyone mention cheap locksmith? Well, I just did.

In fact, there is nothing cheap out there these days, everything is crazy expensive. How can you demand a cheap locksmith service when stranded and needing this type of a rescue? Some customers often talk down on a locksmith thinking he had good night sleep. Some are appreciative and tip largely. Many appreciate a cheap locksmith, especially when he doesn’t take advantage of a situation.

What is cheap these days? Is $80 Canadian dollars for a lockout is cheap? Some would argue it is. What does that mean to our society, it means that what you think is relative to you; but how about shifting your thinking to reality? How about being relative to reality?

The reality is, being stranded in a lockout or a similar emergency is not an expense which you have been planning for.


Unplanned expense and unpleasant stress,

Leaves you looking for a cheaper hand to help you in success,

Unlocking your business,

Returning peacefulness and duplicating happiness.

What is that sir? What if it says?

You know the buttons which to press; it’s up to you I guess.

While popping locks and making hours in excess
your satisfaction is the key to my richness.


Cheap is relative, relative to the dealer or the usual price you would pay at a certain hour. Depending on your perception you will evaluate the service and name the price in your own mind in some cases dismissing certain factors like availability, mobility, and skill. Not to mention customer service.

It’s OK, as any customer service specialist would understand; every customer as a person evaluates the situation differently and views things in his own perspective. On top of all the customer has an agenda and it is to save himself the expense of a lockout or a lost car key cutting so the best we can do as far as customer service goes is to try our best to meet your needs!

Until then,
EA Locksmith


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