We are always in a hurry, it seems like life has plenty of everything yet not enough daylight to fulfill all of our tasks and commitments. Sometimes we just out of time and out of breath.

It can be frustrating needing a service and not getting it on time. Not once you experience dissatisfaction with companies that promise you something and under deliver at times or all the time.

For example: Imagine that you are in the middle of your move and need your locks changed at a specific time and date, you schedule an appointment with a local locksmith in your area for this matter. At the day of the appointment you are left to find out that your technician simply didn’t show up and you need to chase after the company to figure how come they have forgotten your appointment — simply frustrating. This happens often with businesses especially such as a locksmith.

Tips to avoid missing appointments and upset your customers less!

Google Calendar — We all use Gmail as our electronic email and I believe it’s the best for all purpose use. Just in case you didn’t know you can also use google calendar to schedule appointments and mark events which matter to you. After finishing a call with your customer make sure to keep an electronic note with a reminder and details regarding your appointment. The calendar gives you a pop up message and displays all necessary info for your business event.

Clear Communication — If happens to be that you have a delay and you are unable to reach your customer on time it’s best to call a few hours ahead to clear that out and workout a solution. No one wants a frustrated customer, simply because he is already mad at you and you didn’t even get there.

Plan Ahead — Planning your days schedule ahead of time and replanning as situations develop is an important step towards being punctual. Prioritize your tasks and keep your day focused on what you need done first depending on urgency. The rest goes to the next day. This way you are always on top of everything that is planned. All the unplanned is not in our hands 🙂 so make sure to plan what you can.

Keep your promises — One thing will get your customer to trust you — You deliver.
Talk is cheap and so is false promise. While your business forces you to sell yourself as the best, knowing no one is best. Even the best has someone who is better than the best, maybe somewhere else on the planet but there is always a better you (unfortunately…unless you can learn from it then it’s great!).
Next time you promise to show up at a time frame you have to keep your promise, being fashionably late is ok while being an hour late is not so fashionable. Therefore whatever fashion suits your buzz just show up on time with a smile and a good attitude!

Stay Real — when you are on the business side you have to read situations, understand the customer’s side of the story. I always like to break the ice with facts, for example if I was late I mention why and how I make sure to improve next time. I openly admit my mistake to let the customer know that improvement is part of my portfolio of life and professional performance. meaning I am true to myself therefore you can trust my words. Brands, prices, security tips…etc.
The customer sees you as credible, this is where you gain a returning customer which I admit is not easy in the locksmith industry.

Listen — Listen to your customer! Part of a great sales technique which worked well for me back in 2009 while working in the Forex market was listening. Times were hard and people were just opening up to online electronic markets which became easily accessible online. People could lose lots of money online or make loads of money online all depends on your financial expertise. The market was bad and people were careful with their money, it was hard to make sales. The strategy of listening was about to burst.
I managed to speak to many new customer that time and I was very caring with them, then I tried another batch of hot leads and this time I tried a more aggressive and pushy approach. The result was — customers who received a 5 star treatment opened larger acoounts at a later stage. I got less deposits but larger amounts. The “preassure cooker” batch of customers which received a less of a great tratment. Basically I didnt’ listen to their problems much and was focused just to get them to open a small account to try to trade and make earnings. Dont mistaken, I had profitable customers. They were thos whom I had relationships with, not those who I was a little rude to.
Conclusion — listen to your customer, give him the ability to feel like someone cares. No money can buy that kind of trust. You call it business, I call business bonding. Try it.

Till next time this was — “Key Tips” from EA Locksmith


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